My conundrum resolved!!

So when I started making the legs, I knew I wanted the 2×4’s encased with plywood, however, when I made the first leg, I thought it best to assemble it all at once.  After assembly, I noticed a  couple of things. 1.) When I held the leg to the wall, since my floors aren’t level, there was a terrible gap between the bottom of leg and the floor in the front.  2.) I was still settling on a way to install the bench.  At this point I decided I would attach the plywood after installation, which was one of my best ideas!  Anyways, I was left with this one leg (that I didn’t want to redo) which looks like this…


As you might guess, putting the front trim piece on leaves a gap since the plywood is too short.  What to do, what to do?  So yesterday, I tried sanding the 2×4….that didn’t work.  Maybe if it wasn’t attached to the wall, I could have used my flush-trim router bit or orbital sander.  But it is on the wall…ho-hum.  Then enters my husband, “Why don’t you just rabbit out the middle of the back of the board?”. Okay, he didn’t say “rabbit” but I knew that’s what he meant.  Genius!!!  Now granted, we are both engineers, but it just goes to show you, having someone look at the problem who isn’t so close to it, can sometimes give you the necessary perspective.  Thanks hun!!  20 minutes later and it goes from this…


To this …

fixed gap

Because I did this to the back of the board…


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