A girl and her trailer

So I have been pretty absent for a couple months.  I took a break from my Mudroom Lockers to do a few other house projects to prepare for a baby shower I was hosting.  I finished my kitchen countertops…

2015-02-27 14.06.56And some Pinterest projects…

shelves corkboard

Then I got busy at work for a month.  Before I knew it, it was Spring, and instead of doing the 3 projects I have on my list, I of course came up with new projects.  My neighbor complained that she has to look at my trashcan on the side of my house.  She is old, so I humored her and built this…DSC_2006


Then I wanted to dig up this horrible bush and put up trellises, so today, I finished with the exception of the posts…


I even conquered my fear of taking the trailer to the lumberyard by myself.  My husband usually hooks it up, loads my wood while I shop with my kids, then helps unload it.  But for the first time, I did all those things by myself!!  It wasn’t so bad either.


I am looking forward to getting back to the lockers, but I have to get my garden in too, so stay-tuned.

One thought on “A girl and her trailer

  1. I am so proud of you! You do with wood what I do with fabric…wish my medium was yours! Everything looks great!


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