Church pulpit —> bar progress

Today was also a very good day!  I went to Menards  last week looking for some molding to replace some on the pulpit that was missing.  They usually have really decent options, but apparently, the profile type  I am looking for is too outdated.  Everything out right now is very “bubbly” with large curves.  All of the trim on this piece has very sharp and shallow recessions.  SO… I decided to buy some oak stock and some router bits to make my own.  Luckily, my router bit dealer gave me a “Mystery” envelope a few weeks ago which promised a prize if I came back in today with the envelope unopened!!  So I did what anyone would do…I promptly had Siri set a reminder for today!  Long story short, I had to go buy my router bits today even though I won’t need them for a few weeks.  But my big prize was 15% off, which is good, because I bought 3!!

The inside floor needed replaced.  It had a door for wires and some water damage.

pulpit floor Today’s task was to replace the floor, replace the shelf and stain the whole inside so I don’t have to do it later when things are cramped.  I had to make a few alterations in order to use the stock I had.  But I think everything will work out…I guess we will see.  The plywood I have is a  half inch thicker than what was there so I had to reduce the size of the piece above the doors in order for the counters to be at the same height.  Since the whole front is off, I decided to figure out a way to have two doors instead of the one.  I am putting a large CO2 tank inside and it would be nice to have both the left and center doors open.  So I also made a trip to a special hardware dealer to see what they had.  Even though I did not plan on taking the whole front off, I think I will be much happier in the end!

IMG_1405IMG_1406IMG_1410Well I can’t work on it for 3 weeks.  Next week is our family vacation and the following is labor day.  But stay-tuned because I am going to strip/stain the whole piece next.  This project is going a little too smoothly , hmmm 😐

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