Stock moulding…No Way!!

So I needed some molding for my pulpit project.  There was a small piece missing so I knew I would have a to either find or make a small piece.  I was going to tile the three wall faces, but then felt that the wood would be overshadowed.  So instead I decided to laminate the faces with 1/4″ oak panels and trim them with a border and a center  picture frame.  This would mean I need a bit more molding than I originally anticipated.


Btw, the above picture is the piece after I stripped off all the finish!

So I went to Menards, which I have found has the most diverse molding selection.  I wasn’t even being picky, but the molding today is entirely too “bubbly” to match this piece.  I needed something that wasn’t so rounded.  So, I went to Woodcraft, my forth home (1-my house,2-work,3-Lowes/Menards,4-Woodcraft) and with the help of a nice gentleman, I walked out with 3 router bits to make the profile myself.

I knew I couldn’t replicate the molding exactly because I didn’t have any stock that was the right size.  Since I don’t have a table saw or planar to successfully cut my own, I bought 1/2″ x 3/4″ oak stock and played with the router bits until I got a profile I liked that fits with the style of the other molding on the piece.  At first, I was going too fast and taking too much with each pass.  It wasn’t looking good and I was worried.  But after concluding that I would just need to do many many passes, things started looking up.  So here it is, my first attempt at making my own molding using 2 router bits.

DSC_3674DSC_3670Super glad it turned out okay.  Now onto installation.

One thought on “Stock moulding…No Way!!

  1. So glad you are making progress on your projects! I worked all weekend on the bath, and it is still a long way from being finished. Pulpit looks great…can’t wait to see it finished and installed.


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