Need more table space for Thanksgiving?

So a few years ago, we started hosting Thanksgiving.  This was before we had any real tools or trailer.  We made a 3/4″ plywood top to go over our folding table, turning a 2.5′ x 6′ table into a 4′ x 8′ table!  Well there were a couple things about the table I hated (I won’t bore you with details) so I took it apart when I needed some 3/4″ plywood for my pulpit project.  So here it is, a couple weeks until Thanksgiving, and no table.  So this time I did it right.  I used only 1/2″ plywood (light enough for me to move around) and attached some 2×4’s with some 1/4″ nuts, bolts and washers so the plywood top doesn’t move around.  Because I have a router, I am also going to roundover the edge, as my 2 year old loves to run while looking backwards so figured this would prevent any Thanksgiving day ER trips.  So for like 40$, you can do this…which also comes in handy in my workshop as an outfeed table 😁

thanksgiving tableAlso checkout the updates to the Mudroom lockers which are progressing…finally!!

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