Houston, we have a countertop!

So I may have mentioned I bought a piece of granite off of Craigslist for $75.  It is black, which is probably my least favorite granite color, but the cheapest remnant quote in my area was $220.  So yeah, black it is!!  Now comes the fun part…cutting it.

I first needed to figure out how to do a perfect template.  I thought about using plywood or hardboard but then decided on something completely ingenious….paper!  Yes I taped sheets of 8.5×11″ paper into a template (heavy on the tape).  I couldn’t have produced a better template if I do say so myself.

pulpit counter 3

I debated for awhile (as per usual) before settling on a tool.  I used a masonry cutter with 4″ diamond blade.  It worked great!  A little dusty, as it is a dry-saw, but other than that, it cut really well.  I recommend a bandana, safety glasses, a mask and ear plugs.  And it was pretty hard work, I won’t lie.  It took about 2 hours to cut.  But it came out great, phew!

pulpit counter 4

What may have been even harder was getting the pulpit inside the house with just the brawn of my extremely handsome husband (trying to score points for the amount I owe him this weekend) and me, a girl with a bad lower back!  Fortunately, my husband also has an engineering degree and I didn’t end up lifting anything but the granite!  Here it is in the house!  Just a backslash and some floor pads and the pulpit bar will be finished!!

pulpit vounter 2

pulpit counter 1

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