The last 2%

I haven’t posted for some time now,  mainly because I have been really busy getting ready for baby #3!  She comes in 34 days and I had so much to do beforehand.  I will create another blog about my basement playroom project and shelves in the next couple weeks.  My summer and fall was consumed by it!

However now, in the days before she gets here, I am pretty restless.  I’m not sleeping well, I don’t have a ton of energy and I find myself trying to occupy my mind so I don’t go crazy stressing about the upcoming c-section.  So naturally I gravitate to projects…the only issue is I can’t actually do any projects in this condition, i.e. tired and unable to lift anything heavy.  So instead, I have been going back through my old projects which tend to make me happy.

When going back through all of my projects, I noticed a major theme…I tend to only complete about 98% of each!  For example, in my pulpit bar, After I grouted the backsplash, it was good enough to start using.  But I never did the final 3 pieces of moulding.


Then for the mudroom cubbies, I primed the small shelf, but never got around to actually painting it…but since you can’t tell, I really haven’t thought about it.


My basement shelves-same theme.  I got it to the point of being functional then quit.  I blame the pregnancy for this last one a little, but the top boards are cut and stained on one side, I just need to stain and poly the other side.


It may bother some (most) people to leave projects undone.  For me, maybe it is the unfinished nature that gives me some satisfaction.  I mean I poured months, years into some, and if they were 100% complete, then maybe a little part of me would be sad.  Or maybe I’m just a hormonal mess and everything I think about has the ability to make me cry and in reality that last 2% has a really high cumbersome : payoff ratio.  Either way, I doubt I’ll finish them anytime soon!  If I do anything over my maternity leave, it will be my garage project…painting, organizing and building some things to create a proper workspace while trying to maximize free space for vehicles (at least one hopefully).

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “The last 2%

  1. I’ve always found that by having many projects usable and “almost” finished, that I got great satisfaction when I took a day or two and finish them all at once! Then I could finally put them on my finished/accomplished list. Problem is for me that I start 2 to 3 projects for every “almost” finished project I have on my list. 🙂 Sounds like…”like mother, like daughter”…I am so proud of you and all your creativity, skill, knowledge…but most of all your LOVE! Love of family, friends, your home…and the love of trying new things with NO FEAR! You are an amazing woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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