A.N.D. Woodworking Unleashed

Yes, that is right.  I have finally branded myself.  I can’t even remember how long ago my husband and I were sitting around one weekend having cocktails and we came up with A.N.D. Woodworking.  I had even forgotten about it until he recently reminded me.  But let me get back to my business name in a second.

The hardest part about making furniture to sell is actually selling it (duh, right??)  Selling through the various free sites like Craigslist was becoming less and less fun (I think I had 3 scam emails in less than a week).  I looked into some flea market type sales where I think my pieces would do well, but being a mom of a 6-month old, a 4 year old and a 6 year old prevents me from being able to spend the day (or weekend) lugging around and selling furniture at a flea market.  So I started looking into consignment shops and toying around with opening my own Etsy shop.  The problem for me with Etsy would of course be the large shipping costs and the hassle of shipping huge pieces safely.  Well after some searching, I finally found the perfect match!!  I will be partnering with 616 Mitten Market to sell the 1 or 2 pieces I manage to make every month.  They have a brand new storefront on the West Side of Grand Rapids that will sell various products from local Michiganders!!  I’m very excited to have my pieces in a storefront where people can actually see and feel the work I put into each item.  I don’t think the beauty of the wood grain could possibly come across in an internet photo.

My sister-n-law made me business cards which I absolutely love!  Check her out at https://www.etsy.com/shop/PaperAndPrinter

Screenshot (41)

Also, check out my new Partner, 616 Mitten Market at

https://www.616mittenmarket.com/ and also their Facebook Page which has news about the Grand Opening Event on September 23, 2017!!

I plan on having my two latest pieces at the event, the King Headboard I posted about in my last blog and the bench I am still working on below.  So for the next week I have to get myself into “finishing” mode and paint/stain this bench and the matching coat hook holder.  I have all the stuff, but since I am going to use my Fuji sprayer, I need a block of time to myself so I don’t have to start and stop… this should be interesting.  But with the fire lit, I am sure I can do it.  Come see us on September 23!!


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