RV Family!!

After years of debating whether to get an RV, save for a lake house or just take vacations every year, we decided to become a camping family and get a 22’ travel trailer!  Big step!!  Well of course I need to make some adjustments…some necessary, some 🤔.

We have a 14 month old so one of the necessary modifications was a crib gate to enclose the bottom bunk area.  It isn’t anything special but I thought I’d share anyways.  I used 40 dowels which proved to be my toughest glue-up yet!  So many pieces to fit together in so little time!  But it turned out great!  I used 4 strike plates attached to the bottom of the gate that slip over the bottom 1×3 of the bed.  Then I used locks at the top.  Turned out pretty good I think.  Hopefully she sleeps in it 😝



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