You spin me right round

After all of my Christmas creations, I tackled my gift for my husband.  He has always wanted a record player, so after a lot of searching I found the perfect old phonograph cabinet.  It was a GE Phonograph/Radio Combination cabinet from either 1947 or 1948.

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Besides needing a shower and some makeup, she also needed some amendments to fit our receiver and be useful for us.

The first thing I did was remove the old phonograph, radio and speaker parts!

The second thing I did was remove the lower right fake door where the speaker was attached.  I needed to turn this into a working door.  Wow, GE made a skookum cabinet because there was so much glue, nails and screws that the fake door was never meant to be removed!  But with the help of my Dremel Multi-Max, we got it done!  I also wanted to remove the old drawer slides for the record player drawer and install new soft-close slides. The slides were installed before the face of the drawer was put on…so we had to strong-arm the last two screws to get them out!  I also cut a hole in the bottom-middle section as my receiver is larger than the width of the right quadrant.

The next thing I did was to make sure she fit in the 33.5” space I had to the left of my fireplace. The lady I bought it from said it was 32”, but she didn’t measure from the widest point.  So I had to route 1/2” off the right baseboard and then remove my baseboard and shoe moulding along the walls.  🤷🏻‍♀️

After the major deconstruction was complete, I could stitch her back up and make her pretty.


I cut out some 1/2” plywood to fit the lower right space.  To match the height of the left side, I routed a rabbit on the front and back.  This shelf is where our receiver will go.

I installed Blum Bluemotion drawer slides.  Sounds easy enough, right??  It took about 4 hours to understand the placement, modify the drawer and install the slides.  Let’s just say the next time I install slides, I’m buying the same ones as once you have done it once, I imagine it is much easier the next time!!

I also needed to route out some hinge mortises for the bottom-right door both on the door and cabinet face.  I was going to install knife hinges to match what was there, but decided I didn’t have the right tools to mark the locations properly.  So I chickened-out and went with regular brass hinges.

I reupholstered the cabinet doors with some fabric my kids helped pick out.  I wanted a sparkly brownish-grey.  We found not exactly what I wanted, but I love how it turned out!

I ended up refinishing the top as it had scratches I couldn’t live with, but everything else got a good coat of Wise Owl Furniture Salve (wax) which made the dry wood very shiny.

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My hubby is in charge of hooking up all the knobs to operate our receiver but I can’t believe how good she looks in the space!!  What do you think?

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