What’s up Doc?

So I haven’t been posting much lately because I’m mostly addicted to Instagram now!  I never understood the draw until I dove into the Woodworking community.  I can tell you I’ve learned more neat things in the past couple months than I have by myself in the last year!  However, I love keeping track of all my latest projects on my blog, so this is what I am currently up to…

I’ve decided that at this point in my life, i.e. being a stay-home-mom of 3, one at home and two in school, it is too stressful for me to take on large projects…and I don’t have to!  Even though I can build a table, I don’t need to!  That was a little tough for me to get past.  But I had a moment when I realized that I was much more stressed than I should be, so I decided to reevaluate what I liked doing and am trying to pick wood projects that just make me happy!!

I decided to do a West Elm Local Makers pop-up.  If you don’t know, West Elm will partner with local makers and host them in their store. Look it up if you are a maker close to a West Elm store!  So I started doing some smaller things that I think would sell well there.  Here is what I have so far for my showcase!

I’ll post a picture of my entire spread in late April.  🙌🏻

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