So I’ve been pretty stressed out lately due to some circumstances out of my control and have pretty much put all my energy into mending my spirit the last 2 weeks.  Besides spending tons of quality time with my family, I have tried to get back into the things that are calming and satisfying to me… my projects of course.  After the wonderful day I had today, it makes me wonder if I could find a sponsor to pay me my current salary for doing and documenting all my projects.  So everyone should really help me put the word out, because that would be super 😜.    Last week I managed to install the crown molding on the bathroom ceiling, putty, sand, caulk and prime everything.  A couple coats of paint, and it will look great!


But since I can paint during weekend nap time, I decided to FINALLY start my pulpit project.  This is the pulpit I found at a random trip to an antique store last summer that has been sitting in my garage ever since… taunting me!!  I pushed this project ahead of the mudroom lockers because it needs to be refinished, and that is much nicer to do in the summer with the garage door open!  The goal is to turn it into a bar I can use to store glassware and lockup the liquor (my kids are babies, but I am thinking ahead).  I rarely do projects that won’t have an effect on my life.  They are usually conceived from something that causes me stress… such as a lack of cupboard space in this case.  Yes, I do go overboard in trying to solve my problems, but I will attribute that to my love for trying new techniques and new tools!  Okay I guess the bathroom ceiling didn’t solve any problems, but it looks amazing, and I wanted to try coping some inside corners of the crown molding  😁  I digress(as usual).  So here is the pulpit!!

IMG_1348IMG_1345 - Copy

Today, I managed to remove the cross and all the arches on the front and sides.  I removed the top and replaced it with a plywood top (which will eventually support a countertop).  I installed some 1×4’s that were routed with a groove on each side to accept my stemware.  Btw, I spent 0$ today and didn’t have to go to the hardware store at all!!  I told you it was a good day!!  I used some scraps I had leftover from the mudroom project.  So here is today’s progress…I too am amazed with how far I got!!
IMG_1359 - CopyIMG_1360 - Copy

Oh, and I got to use my router, circular saw and miter saw all in the same day!!  That hasn’t happened for some time.  Is it too much to say that wood helps mend the soul??  Too much??  Yeah probably!! 😁

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